The mercy of God, ancient fun with fantastic opportunities

Net Entertainment is a progressive 3D slot game that has variations of the high average, it has incorporated 2nd lines for payment, the rollers are 5 in addition to rows of up to 3, and it is amazing! More than anything because it is set in ancient Egypt and the story of this game is what attracts the most players, along with the configuration and the various symbols that mimic the pyramids, the sphinxes and even the most impressive pharaohs.

Net Entertainment is a progressive 3D slot game that has variations of the high average, it has incorporated 2nd lines for payment, the rollers are 5 in addition to rows of up to 3, and it is amazing! More than anything because it is set in ancient Egypt and the story of this game is what attracts the most players, along with the configuration and the various symbols that mimic the pyramids, the sphinxes and even the most impressive pharaohs.

Dragon Spin Slot Review

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The more players immerse themselves in games, it is possible to realize that it is a game quite similar to that of Divine Fortune, since both are progressive jackpot, in addition to the two being able to play without problems in NetEnt for a minimum of £0.20 and a maximum of only £100 on every spin made.

The audio and of course the images have a quite impressive realism that manages to modulate the emotions and make each of the symbols pass to the other reels in a quite memorable way. The background of the game is nothing more and less than a temple of Egyptian antiquity and the symbols that are on the reels are canonical jars that resemble those of Tutankamin, which were previously used for the reservation and storage of viscera, many beetles, various letters of between 10 or Ace at a low value, the God Horus that protects the sky, and an Egyptologist who would be the most relevant symbol. 5 of these will be within the game with a maximum payout of 80 times the original.

Each bonus round is divided into reward games such as Gift of Life thanks to Wilds, the Gift of Double Wilds or Wild Wild, the Free Spins and even the Gift of Wealth Jackpot game which manages to be divided into Jackpot minimums, older and even in mega. Something great is that the jackpot is in cash and is available for just one spin that equals 1,600 of the player’s original bet.

The theory return in the percentage, better known as the RTP, is for a 96.64% player, while the frequency in hits is 17.64%, which means that the slot will give a victorious combination in that fraction of the Time, crazy.

The bonuses offered

The wild card has the function that is almost always seen in this type of machines and is to replace common symbols when you want to complete a winning combination, except of course it is to dispersion. Even with all this, there are several bonus options that can be seen in Mercy of Gods.

Gift of Life to turn again: This function serves as a lap repeater, and it is activated only when a wild movement appears on the scene or even more. In these laps the wild cards appear on the reels, which means that the more wild cards come out, the more laps will be awarded to the player.

Gift of Double Wilds: This is a bit more interesting, and it is that you only look at the appearance of a wild together behind a similar one, these acts as an expansion that covers the reel almost completely; while all this happens you can activate the laps thanks to the previous function. In short, it is a movement that acts as a double blow which allows an increase in the original game to be present.

Free spins: This bonus is not so difficult to obtain since it is only necessary to play 3, 4 and even 5 is dispersed, which allowed 5, 8 and 12 to be in free falls. All the count in the dispersion must be proportional to each free spin, which means that the more dispersion there is, the more of this kind of spins will be awarded to the player. These features are including money orders so it is possible to take real money prizes better than the previous one.

Gift of Wealth Jackpot: This is a jackpot that is divided into the small, large and mega jackpot. Many consider that this part is quite entertaining since it can have this game in general, and that is because it is the place where you have the opportunity to take a progressive boat. But you can only enter this camera when 3 or even more bonus symbols are collected, which is not so simple.

Another way to enter this round is through the double spins that are given in Gift of Life since with each symbol in the bonus that is collected randomly it is inserted in a set of rollers and in the jackpot, which provides at least 3 turns. When a bonus symbol appears again, it can be reset to about 3 along with a payout between 10x to 200x. The bet offered is for all these symbols.

The boats have characteristics that differ as the minor is about 20 times the player’s bet, and is won when the row is filled with pure bonus symbols. While the major is activated when 2 rows of those same symbols are filled, and the offer is about 100 times the original bet. Finally, there is Mega, which is only possible when the entire screen is filled with the symbols, which results in an unforgettable victory that has as a prize the 1,600 of the bet.

In the end

You can say that this is a perfect option for slot lovers because it adapts very well to the player’s pocket, and in addition to that it brings out bigger winnings than other games. Net Entertainment is responsible for giving the public an online game that gives what promises fun and profits in a short time, amazing!

Enjoy the Mystery that Dragon Spin Gives You

In Dragon Spin you can participate in two ways, because there are two ways of viewing completely different and opposite each other, full screen or horizontal view, which will change the proportion of the game screen in order to provide an experience of the game unbeatable and different for all users who own both cell phones and tablets. The bets that you want to make are adapted in a homemade way, moving vertically upwards and in the same way but this time down on the board where they the bets are located.

Let the Bets Begin!
The lowest denomination bet that can be made is NZD thirty, and these bets are limited to only NZD one hundred and twenty, which are divided between thirty and ninety lines of payment, if you want to obtain additional lines of payment, activation is necessary at the moment when many features of the game bonus is activated. If you want to choose to play the automatic game you have to give the option of ten, fifty, and hundred or the two hundred perpetual turns that can be stopped after winning or wasting a number of coins. You are capable of hold the turns during the combinations or possibly awaiting you make a decision to adjust the amount you wish to bet.

With the highest bets that can be found available in the game, you will be winning much more generous and lucrative payments, and the usual percentage of player compensation is usually estimated at approximately 95.94%.
Bally Technologies is a well-known slot machine manufacturer and focuses on the casino gaming industry, its headquarters are located at Enterprise. This fabricant belongs to Scientific Games Corporation. The 5 rolls have mysterious and specific places when the roll is triggered, it’s changed by a random symbol, with which they will merge in all other mysterious and peculiar places in the assigned roll in advance.

Bally as a Supplier of Dragon Spin
This corporation was created in nineteen sixty-eight it was called Advanced Patent Technology. Eventually, he changed his name to “Alliance Gaming” and bought Bally Gaming International. In two thousand and six, the whole company changes the name Bally, which is how it is known today. Three plus signs on rolls two and four will activate a spin on the return wheel of the magnificent and fearsome dragon.

Depending on where you are landing, the wheel is release in: One of the games is absolutely free at some cost for what ends up being free, and that is Racing Wilds, which has five free spins plus ten extra Wild symbols granted and the third is ReelBlast Free Games, this allows you to enjoy a turn of plus that will unlock five games extra and has a central role that hides at the same time three rolls, from two to four, in a group of triple roll and ninety lines of retribution.Bally Technologies is recognized for its unique and particular point of view for each particular idea and it does not matter all the interpretations that already exist, it is continually stable to bet and risk that this formation causes something new and brand new never before seen at the table. Dragon Spin performs and carries out all the aspirations that even the most stringent and ambitious participants could have or even think about, from the extra qualities until the great visual elaboration of the icons of the greater value of the opening.

One of the Most Global Casino Gaming Industry
Today Bally Technologies is one of the most recognized names in the global casino gaming industry with a portfolio of exciting products, cutting-edge technology and the most popular entertainment brands to casinos around the world. Bally’s portfolio of cabinets features the most advanced technology in the industry and is designed with both the player and the operator in mind. Reddish, emerald, purple and indigo the dragons are the essential and main figures, each one personifies a different piece: flame, earth, breeze, and water. The figures for this game are valued in letters of the alphabet and a number that would be the ten, among them is the A, K, Q and J, which are low-category, meanwhile, in games that are free, They are triggered by the landing of an elegant and beautiful combo of emerald icons. The only drawback of the game is that you cannot reactivate any of the benefits of the game, and that is one of the biggest flaws of this slot. If during the game the player expires they must return to the main part of the game.
Dragon Spin is a perfect casino game if you want to spend hours entertaining without thinking about the outside world, it has some graphics and a soundtrack that make you teleport to the game’s history and feel the true experience of playing in a high-class casino with adrenaline running through the veins every time a bet is made in search of the jackpot. Do not miss the opportunity to spend hours entertaining and winning free spin with this wonderful game that besides being one of the most exciting will give you an indestructible emotion with those incredible lucky dragons.