Responsible Gambling

Participating in online gambling means you are aware that it’s a fun activity which also has dangers. We do not offer you real casino games, which mean playing on this site is not a risky activity, only fun. However, online casino site with real money gambling options have further risks which could turn into addiction and could end with you losing a significant amount of money. To avoid losing money you can’t afford and to avoid being addicted to gambling, this short guide might be of help.

Get and keep the control

Playing for money, or even just for fun means you are spending time with an activity. Always prioritize, and play when you have free time that you can spare. Apart from controlling the tie, you spend at online casinos, you should also set up a limit for spending money. Most of the online casinos we link to, feature limitation options, so you can’t spend more than you found reasonable when you set up the limitation.

Control your emotions: if you feel frustrated after a series of loss, your judgment may be compromised, so stop, take a break and rest, let your mind cool down.

Gambling addiction

Though most players don’t realize that they have problems until it’s too late, there are several organizations which could help you. These are:


– Gamblers Anonymous (1800-002-210)


– GamCare



In case you encounter issues and you feel gambling is more of a harass than a fun activity, then it’s time to take the necessary steps. The online casino we trust all have self-exclusion option, which you can use to exclude yourself from that casino for a while. You can add the length of the break you wish to take. Many real casinos have self-exclusion feature too.

Child protection

It is your sole responsibility to avoid that any under-aged person could access your casino accounts and credentials. To avoid the problems, you should:

– Close all applications and browser windows

– Install and set up parental software

– Create a separate account on the computer for the children

– Don’t save your login info in the browser, keep in mind, or write it and hide it