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How to Play Online Pokies

There isn’t much of a difference between online pokies and a regular pokies machine. However, if you want to know how to play online pokies, here are some basic guidelines that you can use.

The first thing you need to do is to choose a pokies game. Once you have decided on that, you can already get started. You will realize that instructions involved in playing online pokies are very straightforward and simple.

Initially, you will be required to download the game software. Don’t worry, if you play from a reputable website, you can expect the software to be free from any risks. Next, you will be given a set of instructions to create an account with the website. As soon as that is set up, you will be directed to a screen showing you an image similar to that of a real pokies machine. You will see lots of buttons which will help you set up your bets and spins. You will also see buttons such as “Collect” which you can click to get your winnings and “Bet Max” which allows you to get the maximum bet.

You need to make sure you familiarize yourself with the buttons and the payout table before you start playing. Thereafter, choose credits that you would want to bet per line and choose the lines per spin. Once that is ready, click on the “Start” button and then get the balls rolling!

Surely, you should not have any problem at all learning how to play online pokies.

Why Online Casinos?

Everybody loves a good game of roulette or pokies in a brick and mortar casino. However, with everything moving over to the virtual world, casinos have also moved on to the internet for good! There are so many websites in the business of casino gaming now that online casino has even become illegal in nations like Australia. There are quite a few strict rules that prevent frauds from making money the expense of excited casino lovers! If you belong to a country where online casino is legal, then you can make the most of all the well-reputed online casinos that are here to stay!

Are there any online casinos in New Zealand?

Apart from the real casinos at Auckland, Hamilton and Queenstown, New Zealand can now boast of a wide range of online casinos that have opened shop owing to the huge demand amongst casino players who love gambling from their homes! There are many online casinos that cater to the casino playing population, both for free and for real money.

Can I play online casino in New Zealand?

Of course you can! New Zealand is one of the lucky countries to have been exempted from any laws that ban the operation of virtual casino rooms and gambling sites. People who are interested in playing for real money can get their money’s worth in sites like Spin Palace and Jackpot City where real money pokies, roulette and black jack are quite popular. Try your ‘casino-fingers’ at any of the reviewed casinos and win big money when your luck shines!

Where to play casino online in New Zealand?

Since there are many scam sites and fraud casinos that have also started operating alongside the good ones, you should be very cautious while depositing money at a casino site. Make sure you refer to the best casino guides in New Zealand before you deposit money at a site. Always go for the well-reviewed casino websites and never opt for sites which are not mentioned at any of the casino guides. The top most online casinos that are currently operating in New Zealand are Spin Palace, Ruby Fortune, Jackpot City etc. All these sites have fast pay-outs and live chat support for their players which make them a very good option while playing with real money.

Online casino-games in New Zealand have become very popular in the past few years owing to the ease of accessibility and the amazingly huge pay-outs involved. Kiwis have in love with their gambling scene forever! This has made New Zealand one of the top most casino-playing countries in the world. Kiwis love a good round of Scotch on the rocks along with a fulfilling weekend of roulettes or blackjack! It was no surprise that Kiwis went cuckoo over the online version of the casino scene which developed after the online gaming industry took over the world at large! Kiwis of every age here are now addicted to online gambling games like roulette, progressive slots, pokies and blackjack!

Which is the best online casino guide New Zealand?

There are now literally thousands of online casino sites and an equal number ofonline casino guides in New Zealand that can give you important information on casino gaming and online gambling. Along with forums and guides, online casino advertising in New Zealand has boomed like never before. and are some of the better casino guides of New Zealand which players can trust while looking for good casino sites to play on.

Are online casinos legal in New Zealand?

Online casino slots in New Zealand have become quite a craze and although the government has decided to pass strict laws that require casino site owners to get an online casino-license in New Zealand, there has been no ban on Kiwi players who want to play for real money. The gambling scene is supervised by the Ministry of Internal Affairs in New Zealand and there are tough guidelines that need to be followed by casino owners over here. In this way, Kiwi players can rest assured that the online casino sites which they visit are completely legal in New Zealand.

What are the top online casinos as per New Zealand reviews?

Some of the best online casinos based in New Zealand where you can safely play online casino games for real money and also stand a chance to win big bucks are listed below:

  • Spin Palace
  • Roxy Palace
  • Royal Vegas
  • Bet Way Casino
  • 888 Casino
  • Jackpot City
  • Casino Mate
  • Mad Slots Casino

How to play online casino in New Zealand?

Slots are perhaps the most popular and also the easiest of all the casino games. Slot machines have had a long association with casino bars in New Zealand and people have been regularly winning millions of dollars through slots and progressive pokies in brick and mortar casinos. With the online casinos making way for live slots and more innovative alternatives for pay-outs, casino lovers can now hope to win even bigger playing progressive pokies online in New Zealand.

The easiest way to play online and win big is to bid your time and calculate your pay-outs carefully before betting or pulling the virtual lever! There are three-reeled, five-reeled and seven-reeled pokies that are played generally in the online version. Although three-reeled pokies are much easier and you can probably hit a jackpot if you play for long enough (with a little luck of course!), but seven-reeled pokies have much higher pay-outs and there is a good chance that you will make more money that you have deposited while playing seven-reeled slots! Progressive pokies are also a good option if you want to increase your chance of winning big money during a game of online pokies.

How to play online casino New Zealand for free?

You can also play online casinos for free in New Zealand without depositing any money. Almost all leading casino sites offer free spins as an attractive offer to lure potential long-term players. All you need to do is follow these easy steps and you can play all the free slots and roulettes you want!

  • Log in to any of the well-reputed casino guides
  • Check out the authentic casino sites that offer free spins
  • Log in to the site and register with them
  • Go for the free spins and play

How to play online casino in New Zealand on my mobile?

Online casinos are best played from the comforts of your home. It is a bad idea to be playing a game which involves real money while you are travelling on a bus or something! Although most casino games do not really require a lot of brain work, it is still advisable to play while at home so that you can enjoy and concentrate on calculating your pay-outs before you bet money. You can download casino game apps on your mobile phones as well and if you are totally addicted, you can always take it around while you travelling. Casino apps for mobiles are a great rage amongst the youngsters and online slot apps can be found on the smart-phones of more than half the population in New Zealand!

Which are the lists of top online casinos in New Zealand?

There are many websites that offer a great casino games. You can play online casino in the following sites in New Zealand:

  • Spin Palace
  • Jackpot City
  • Royal Vegas
  • All shots Casino
  • Euro Palace
  • Grand reef
  • Platinum Play
  • Casino Room
  • Emu Casino
  • Lucky 247

These casino sites also offer free spins for its players and you can take advantage of their free games when you do not want to deposit and play for real money. All the above sites are authentic and are certified to operate in New Zealand as real money casino websites.

How to win big while playing online casino games in New Zealand?

Here are some tips which will help you hit the jackpot while playing online casino games:

  • Do not be afraid to bet as high as you can: A higher bet can result in bigger jackpots. Being safe is good but just sometimes, it pays to take a calculated risk!
  • Practice with free online slot spins: It is a good idea to first heat up your gaming skills with free spins on casino sites that offer those. You can get a lot of good practice and also experience the virtual casino environment if you are playing online for the first time. That way you will not feel out of your elements while playing with real money in a game of online slots.
  • Calculating the pay-out: It is better to make a calculated guess which results in big wins than just blindly betting at random symbols. Online casino can make you go crazy and you can easily get carried away with your bets. Therefore, it always helps to calculate the pay-out being offered by the website so that you can make a better bet while playing with real money.

Where can I play online casino in New Zealand for real money?

Casino sites like Spin Palace, Jackpot City and Euro Palace have real money casino games. In fact all the casinos that have been listed above offer real money casino games to Kiwi players. If you are in New Zealand, you can sit at home and enjoy a true casino-like atmosphere by playing at these great online casino sites.


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